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Freemason Bikers From Derbyshire Give Matty A Lift

Members of the Derbyshire Motorcycle Lodge joined other bikers from the Widow’s Sons which is a biker organisation for Freemasons to make a dream come true for 16 year old Matty Hatton, a young man from Mountsorrel.

Matty is undergoing palliative care for relapsed brain tumours and is obsessed with motorbikes, something which came to the attention of Freemason bikers who with other Bikers had previously turned up at his home in their hundreds on their bikes as a surprise. The Widows Sons also organised, funded and escorted the family to London for an overnight trip.

His mum Alison said: ‘The support is so important because it allows us to make memories.’

On Saturday 3rd July, the Widows Sons were again in action to surprise Matty – this time with a helicopter trip for Matty and his family. The appeal went out to Freemason bikers, and the cost of the trip was collected from various Lodges as well as Chapters of the Widows Sons within the day!

One of the members then had the idea that they could use the local school field to give Matty an extra boost by spelling out his name with motorcycles to be seen from the air. The invitation went out across the country and members of the Widows Sons from a wide area came along – there were even enough bikes left to form a square and compasses!

Flying over, Matty managed to take a few snaps with his own camera but said.

‘I was too busy looking at everything to concentrate on taking pictures.’

His dad Steve was in pain as his wife and Matty’s mum Alison was squeezing his hand so hard in a combination of fear and excitement, while Matty’s sister Molly was just admiring the view.

The day was a complete success. Everybody who took part including those behind the scenes had a fantastic day helping to create special memories for a special family.

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