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Rutland Lodge - 1179

Rutland Lodge, 1179

Rutland Lodge, based in the market town of Ilkeston, is recognised as an historic and significant Lodge within the Province of Derbyshire. The Lodge meets seven times a year in the months from September – March at the Freemasons Hall, High Street, Ilkeston which is an exceptional and impressive centre for Freemasonry, well equipped and managed solely for that purpose.
One of the Lodge’s principal aims is to fully understand and support its Members as they journey through the many mysteries and privileges that Freemasonry has to offer. The Lodge is seen by its Members as a ‘force for good’ and therefore seeks to be actively involved in its local community and charitable interests.

Lodge Membership

Membership of the Lodge is offered by way of a ‘Pathway’ which involves a series of steps to take a man who is interested in Freemasonry, but not yet a Member, all the way through a journey to becoming a committed Freemason.
The Members of Rutland Lodge come from all walks of life and backgrounds and creating a diversity within its membership has been a key to its success. Membership of Rutland Lodge is likely to appeal to younger men with growing families and to individuals seeking new challenges based upon the positive life principles that are displayed to them through Freemasonry. The Lodge is therefore dedicated to ensuring that all Members enjoy themselves in an inclusive and welcoming environment and are given the opportunity to meet and socialise with like-minded individuals all with a view to building firm, long-lasting and rewarding friendships by way of a common bond.

A Brief History

Rutland Lodge was formed in 1867 and in 2017 celebrated 150 years of Freemasonry in Ilkeston. It has a strong Membership of 45 plus Freemasons, most of whom live, work and/or have a connection with the town and its surrounding area. Our Meetings are regularly well attended by Members and their Guests and therefore the Lodge is able to offer a well-structured, enjoyable and rewarding programmes of Ceremonies carried out to the highest of standards followed by a meal, known as a ‘Festive Board’ where fellowship, friendship and fun are actively encouraged. The highlights of the Lodge’s annual social calendar, where Members are encouraged to bring along their families and friends, include a dinner dance (known as a ‘Ladies Festival’ and traditionally held in February), Christmas Dinner and Carol Concert and a Summer Event.

Like most Lodges Rutland Lodge has a banner on which is our crest and the motto ‘Pour-Y-Parvenir’ which is a French expression which is often translated as ‘Strive to Attain’. Rutland Lodge wants its members to be successful both in Lodge as Freemasons and in their lives outside of Freemasonry and the motto fully reflects that intention.

Rutland Lodge Banner
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Where & When We Meet

Rutland Lodge meets 8 times a year, we meet at Ilkeston Freemasons Hall on the third Wednesday in September through to April, with the exception of October where we meet on the second Wednesday due to Ilkeston Charter Fair.

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