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Derbyshire Motorcycle Lodge - 9950

Derbyshire Motorcycle Lodge, 9950

We are the Derbyshire Motorcycle Lodge no. 9950, a Freemasons Lodge formed in December 2017.

We are a “special interest lodge” all of our members have an interest in motorcycles, many of our members own multiple motorcycles and have been riding for many years, although owning a motorbike isn’t a prerequisite for joining our lodge.

We are one of the lodges based at Ilkeston Freemasons Hall which new members are eligible to join, find out more about joining freemasonry here.

Where & When We Meet

We meet 4 times a year and as many times as we can, get out and ride. Our meetings are held on Saturday mornings from 10am.

We meet at Ilkeston Freemasons Hall.

Our Videos

Derbyshire Motorcycle Lodge
Derbyshire Motorcycle Lodge

Derbyshire Motorcycle Lodge, 9950 In The Province of Derbyshire

Derbyshire Provincial Grand Lodge Of Freemasons
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